From the typical natural origins of the Dong Thap Muoi region, ST25 rice has become the focus of international attention and won the title of “World’s Best Rice” in 2019. Let’s learn about it. Outstanding features, uses and reputable places to sell ST25 rice through the article below.

What is ST25 rice?


ST25 rice, a unique and delicious rice, has put Soc Trang’s name on the international culinary map. Known for its long and soft rice grains, ST25 has created a wave of wonder in the culinary community with its delicate and unique flavors.

Origin of ST25 rice:

ST25 rice, the interesting name, symbolizes its journey from its hometown of Soc Trang. The character “ST25” stands for “Soc Trang 25”, a name that carries the strength of the place where it is researched and produced. Not only is the typical fragrant rice of Soc Trang, but it also represents the meticulous efforts of engineer Ho Quang Cua together with Dr. Tran Tan Phuong and engineer Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, during the research journey to drag up to 20 years.

Unique Features of ST25 Rice:


1. Rice Grain Shape: ST25 rice stands out with its long, flat grain. The clear white color of the rice grain is the highlight that creates purity and attractiveness.

2. Durability of Rice Grains: ST25 rice grains proved to be extremely durable. They are not silvered or broken in the abdomen.

3. Gentle Fragrance: A special point not to be missed is the characteristic aroma of ST25 rice. The natural aroma of pandan leaves and young nuggets spreads in each grain of rice, creating a delicate and gentle combination.

ST25 rice is not only an agricultural product but also the quintessence of the love and devotion of Soc Trang farmers. Through its outstanding features, it is becoming a symbol of Soc Trang land and making Vietnamese cuisine more diverse and rich.

Achievements Rice ST25

ST25 rice made a big surprise when it won the title of “World’s Best Rice” at the World Rice Contest 2019 in the Philippines. This victory is not only a pride for Soc Trang people but also proves the excellence and uniqueness of this rice product in the international arena.

ST25 rice has proven to be the pinnacle of the rice world, and the reason for this doesn’t stop with its great taste, but also stems from the nutritional richness within each grain of rice.

1. Quality Protein Content: One of the special features that makes ST25 Rice so attractive is its incredible protein content. With a protein content up to 10 times higher than conventional rice, ST25 becomes a valuable source of nutrients and provides powerful energy for the body.

2. Fiber and Magnesium – Enhance Health: Not only stopping at protein content, ST25 Rice also provides important fiber and magnesium. Fiber helps maintain digestive health and makes you feel fuller for longer, while magnesium helps your nervous system and muscles work better.

3. Sustainable Cultivation: The uniqueness of ST25 Rice lies not only in its nutritional composition, but also in its unique growing process. ST25 rice is grown in shrimp farms where no pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used. This not only ensures the natural freshness of this rice, but also benefits consumers’ health.


4. Featured Rice Grain: ST25 rice grain has an elongated shape, clear white and no silver in the grain belly. Once you feel the aroma like rice nuggets from ST25 Rice, you will never forget it. Rice cooked with ST25 Rice offers an enjoyable experience with its natural sweetness and suppleness, making it the preferred choice for every meal.

5. Diverse Health Benefits: The nutritional richness in ST25 Rice not only creates a delicious taste but also provides health benefits. The high protein content makes ST25 Rice suitable for people with diabetes, as well as for the elderly and children.

Where to buy ST25 rice:

When looking for a reputable and quality supplier for ST25 Rice, there are several reliable addresses that you can refer to.

1. TPI Group: TPI Group has affirmed its position in the agricultural products and food industry. With a commitment to quality and product origin, TPI Group is one of the top choices to buy prestigious ST25 Rice.

2. Gia Bao Clean Rice Company: Gia Bao Clean Rice Company is famous for providing high quality rice and culinary specialties. ST25 rice is no exception to this list, and you can count on the quality of their products.

3. VIO RICE Rice Supplier: VIO RICE Rice has built a reputation as a reputable supplier of quality rice, especially ST25 Rice. The focus on the production process and the origin of the ingredients makes VIO RICE Rice a reliable choice.

Before buying a product, it is always advisable to check the information and reviews of the places of purchase, as well as consult with other consumers. This will help you ensure that you are buying ST2 Rice.

ST25 rice is not only a delicious dish but also carries with it the cultural values and pride of Soc Trang people. With a unique aroma and soft rice grains, ST25 has conquered even the most fastidious culinary gods. Using, cooking and enjoying Soc Trang Specialty Rice ST25 is the way for you to enjoy the unique taste of this precious food source.

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