SECRETS OF RICE STORAGE that is not stored properly can become moldy or damaged, affecting health. Proper storage of rice ensures that the use of rice is always safe and does not cause harm to the user. To preserve rice well and ensure that it is always fresh and not damaged, please refer to the following steps

🔻Keep rice in discreet packaging After purchasing rice, keep the original rice packaging or transfer the rice to an airtight and dry container. Avoid exposing rice to air to avoid mold.

🔻Store in a dry place Choose a place to store rice to ensure a dry, cool place. Avoid placing rice near wet areas or places with high humidity, as this may cause the rice to lose its taste

🔻 Avoid exposure to high temperatures To prevent the rice from spoiling quickly, avoid placing the rice near heat sources such as a stove, microwave or other high temperature place.

🔻Use discreetly and often Avoid leaving rice in open packaging for a long time as this will reduce the taste and freshness. Please use the rice shortly after opening the package

🔻Avoid exposure to strong odors Rice has the ability to absorb strong odors from other foods, so avoid exposing rice to foods with strong odors such as garlic, onions, fish, etc.

🔻Put the rice in the freezer If you want to keep the rice longer, you can put it in the freezer. This will help reduce the rate of oxidation and keep the rice fresher in the long run.

Careful storage of rice is a simple yet effective way to keep this food source the best quality and taste

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