A clear proof of TPI Group’s quality and reputation is shown through the successful cooperation relationship with Mr. Peng Ming Jian, director of Quanzhou Jianda Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd from China. .

After searching and contacting many different suppliers, Mr. Peng Ming Jian decided to choose TPI Group because of its outstanding excellence in quality.

One of the notable strengths of TPI Group is that its staff is able to communicate well in Chinese, Indian and Korean, creating favorable conditions for the exchange of information and ideas.

An important factor in building strong relationships is effective and smooth communication, not limited by language barriers. This helps create trust and conveys the message that TPI Group always puts customers at the center of the partnership.

In addition, the quality of TPI Group’s factory is also one of the strong impressions that help Mr. Peng Ming Jian to believe in this cooperation. After consulting, he felt satisfied with the advanced technology and facilities that TPI Group owns. This is a clear proof of TPI Group’s commitment to quality and innovation first in manufacturing.


Putting his trust in TPI Group, Mr. Peng Ming Jian decided to order 5 containers of Vietnamese rice. This is an important first step in the cooperation relationship between the two sides, marking the success and convenience of this relationship.

TPI Group has proven its ability to create successful cooperation with foreign partners. This is a success in building a sustainable partnership and is a basis for TPI Group to continue to develop and expand its business scale.

TPI Group believes that international cooperation is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience and create sustainable value for both sides. TPI Group will continue to accompany and dedicate ourselves to bring satisfaction and success to our partners


TPI Group is a leading company in the field of supplying high quality products such as Indian rice, Vietnamese rice, dried fruit, coffee, pepper and many other products. With the mission of bringing fresh, quality and safe products, TPI Group has affirmed its position in this industry.

Standard factory and warehouse with modern technology and production lines, TPI Group can guarantee the maximum quality for its products. It also proves the ability to provide large volumes and manage stock, helping each order to be preserved and delivered on time.

In addition, professional staff and deep expertise in technical aspects, quality management and production processes are also among our strengths

With prestige and quality that has been confirmed over many years of operation, TPI Group has been honored with many prestigious awards. This proves our commitment in bringing absolute satisfaction to our customers

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