Discover the unique taste of green pepper dishes!

Made from special green pepper fruit, green pepper has a unique and pungent flavor compared to ordinary pepper. Its special feature is that it contains the active ingredient piperine, creating a strong spicy sensation and warming when awakened. This is also the reason why green pepper is popular and becomes the inspiration for many attractive dishes

✨Green Pepper Fried Chicken: This fried chicken dish brings out the interesting and spicy flavor from the green pepper. Chicken is marinated with spices, then deep fried and seasoned with green pepper powder. When enjoying, you will feel the wonderful combination of spicy, delicious and rich taste of this dish

✨Green Pepper Seafood Soup: The blend of fresh seafood and the pungent flavor of green pepper makes this attractive soup. Green pepper seafood soup is usually cooked from seafood such as shrimp, squid, fish and some vegetables, this mixture will make you impressed by its freshness and uniqueness

✨Green pepper steak: Beef steak is inherently delicious, but when combined with green pepper, it becomes more interesting than ever. The tender beef is marinated with spices and then grilled, accompanied by a layer of green pepper that clings evenly around the meat. You will enjoy the unique spicy flavor of the green pepper steak.

✨Green pepper hotpot: This hotpot is suitable for groups of friends to enjoy together. Green pepper hotpot is cooked from delicious broth, herbs and green pepper, then you can drop meats, seafood, vegetables into the hot pot. The pungent feeling from green pepper will make the hot pot more attractive and interesting.
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