Choosing the type of rice is always an important thing to ensure a delicious and nutritious family meal. However, the rice market is diverse with many different varieties and brands, which can make choosing quite difficult.

Here are some tips and tricks TPI offers to help you choose the best rice, ensuring that you and your family always enjoy delicious and nutritious meals

🍚See origin and quality
Choose rice from reputable rice growing areas with good agricultural traditions. Ham Chau rice is one of the prestigious and quality brands of Vietnam. Check that the rice grain is even, not cracked or broken, and the color is beautiful.

🍚 Taste and aroma
Try tasting some rice to feel the taste and deliciousness. Good rice is usually sweeter, softer and more fragrant than poor quality rice.

🍚 Matches the taste
Everyone has different tastes, so choose rice that suits your family’s preferences and culinary habits.

🍚 Check packaging and product information
Carefully check the information on the rice packaging, make sure the place of production, production date and expiry date. Choose products with safe and quality packaging.

Choosing the right rice is an important step to ensuring your family’s meals are nutritious and delicious. Refer to TPI’s recommendations to choose the right rice that is delicious and right for you.

Vietnam Japonica Rice

With more than 8 years of experience in the field of distribution of high-end agricultural products, winning many domestic and foreign awards, Toan Phat International is confident to bring satisfaction to the most demanding customers. Toan Phat International has a warehouse. is fully equipped with modern equipment to ensure bulk orders and on schedule.

TPI is committed to providing safe and healthy rice products to consumers, with the following criteria:
No Preservatives
🌟No termite repellent
🌟 Meet international FDA standards and ISO 22000 (Food HACCP standard)
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